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Kipp Whitman, 75 has  more than four decades of experience in the operational areas of oil and gas development as well as developing commercial real estate.


In 1968 Mr. Whitman went to work for a California developer, Newmark, Inc., developing, leasing, sales, permitting, zoning and other developmental, including oil investment duties for 15 years through the final sale of the company. 


1983: Mr. Whitman entered the oil and gas drilling business full time with a small group of fellow entrepreneurs and began Cimarron Oil Company northeast of Denver, Colorado, in the D J basin. On the second well venture Mr. Whitman selected the Cimarron Jamboree #1 site which became a field discovery well, followed by initiating  the East Wattenburg field extension. The company went on to drill a series of wells and later on the company sold its field developments to a larger Denver company in 1986. Under the Cimarron banner Mr. Whitman went on to drilling new wells, re-entries, re-working and acquisitions in Colorado and then Kansas with operations of 33 wells.


1988: Mr. Whitman formed Tandem Oil Company with another founder of Cimarron Oil Company. At Tandem Mr. Whitman jointly operated the majority of producing wells he and his partner developed while at Cimarron and further developed and acquired production in Colorado, Nebraska and California. While at Tandem Mr. Whitman drilled and acquired an additional 41 wells. In 1990 Mr. Whitman sold his interest in Tandem.


1991: Mr. Whitman formed W-D Energy and merged with Concord Oil Company also founded by another original member of Cimarron Oil to drill in Texas and began drilling wells by using the then new process of horizontal drilling. While at Concord/ W-D Mr. Whitman bought and sold a large salt dome prospect in the Hull Field in Liberty County and then went on to drill 10 horizontals with 8 producing wells completed as operator and as WI partner in an additional 32 wells.


In 1994 Mr. Whitman moved to Texas and in addition to oil and gas began acquiring land for development as commercial properties.

2011: Mr. Whitman agreed to consult exclusively to BBL Oil Company which is owned by his wife B. Whitman and BBL Operating Company which was started by his son Christopher. While consulting for BBL Operating and BBL Oil, Whitman was responsible for the acquisition of land and drilling a number of wells which all but one were commercially productive. Under the senior Whitman's guidance BBL Operating has been actively engaged in drilling of wells on a recently acquired 9700 acre parcel of leases in Robertson County, TX.  


In 2019 Kipp Whitman acquired full ownership of BBL Operating Company and its operations.

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